Plumbing is a very large industry. It consists of such a broad range of services. There are large companies that have many trucks. One truck does new construction. These plumbers rough in new houses, or bathrooms, and kitchens in these new houses. Another truck might be for Boiler work. Oil to Gas Conversions. Another truck might be strictly for Sewer work.

Then there is the jobbing plumber. Perry is a jobbing/service work plumber. It is a whole different aspect of the plumbing business than say new work, or installing sewer lines, or full bathrooms, or installing Boilers. If you ask a plumber who does new work to diagnose a leak from the 2nd floor bathroom, going through the ceiling into the 1st floor kitchen, he is going to be lost. He will probably tell you to replace the shower body, or gut the bathroom, and this will take care of the problem. But the fact is 99% of the population would certainly rather find what is causing the problem, and get the problem fixed without ripping apart the whole bathroom. That is when a jobbing plumber like Perry becomes the plumber you are looking for.

Being a jobbing plumber makes coming to your house to give an estimate almost completely unnecessary. When you call an experienced jobbing plumber like Perry, just describe the problem to him over the phone and he will be able to give you almost an exact price (give or take a few dollars) of what the job will cost you.

If your sewer line is stopped up, and you call Perry to snake out your sewer line, Perry will give you a minimal price to snake your sewer line. Any honest plumber/snake out specialist can tell you, that is all he can do. When a certain LARGE Sewer Snake out Company (that will remain nameless) tells you they are coming over to your house to give you a “FREE Estimate”, ask them what they are going to see any differently when they get to your house, than what they can see while talking to you on the phone. My point here is, there is no way any snake out company should be giving a free estimate for something they really cannot know. If the sewer line happens to be collapsed, the only rectification for this is to put a new sewer line in. Believe me, as much as this is very unlikely, it happens. Again, the only reason this Large Sewer Snake out company is telling you they will come and give you a Free Estimate, is so you feel obligated to use them once they are there. Without X-Ray Vision, how can they possibly know the condition of your sewer line, or determine a correct estimate. Just be careful when any sewer snake out company offers to come give you a free estimate. If you are smart, you will let them give their estimate, and then tell them to leave, so you can call another Plumber (Perry), and get it done honestly.


Here is a List of Plumbing jobs Perry specializes in:

  • Leaks under Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Sink, Laundry Tub (Slop Sink)
  • Faucets/Shower Bodies Repaired or Replaced
  • Toilet problems, Clogs, Tank Parts (Toilet Rebuild), Toilet Rocking (Needs Re-Set)
  • Hose Outlets Replaced or Relocated and Installed Properly to protect from Freezing in Winter (Owner
    must Drain Properly themselves)
  • Sewer Ejector Pumps Repaired (Switch Changed) or Replaced
  • Stoppages (Clogs/Water Backing Up) in any Drain from a Bathtub, Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Vanity,
  • Laundry Tub, Toilet, Sewer Line
  • Ice Maker Installations, New 1/4 Turn Valve and Water Line Feeding Fridge Installed Properly
  • Backflow Devices for your Water Service or Sprinkler System Tested/Repaired/Installed (NYS Certified Backflow Device Tester)
  • Any Frozen Pipe Electrically Thawed


Perry has Electronic Thawing Machines to Thaw out the Pipe using Electricity instead of tearing apart, and opening walls to Thaw out the Frozen Pipes.

Perry is affiliated with other well trained licensed professionals that do Oil to Gas Conversions, Install new Bathrooms, and even install new Central A/C. This Company will certainly come to your home, and give you a free estimate for these types of jobs. Also A/C repairs on a time and material basis.